Linssen USA – Women and Cufflinks

Women and cufflinks

Cufflinks nowadays are starting becoming popular with the variety of designs and the abundance of availability in the market. Their major audience and patron…MEN. But did you know that there are designs made especially for women as well? Yes, not all cufflinks are for men. If you think that it did, then you got to widen up that perspective and think of a couple of clues.


One, women do wear suits and shirts as well. Some do well more than their male counterparts. Thus, all that comes with the suit; designs and accessories, will be obviously be worn with it.


And two, cufflinks are used to link shirt cuffs which is not a strictly paternal usage of items. Since the dawn of the new era, women started to rise up the stands and proclaim equality for a while now. With that, came suffrage and a lot of ideals that drive women to be in equal place with men. Thus, cufflinks use is no exception.


Here are some glamorous design made for women.


Butterfly designs perfect for glamour.


For those that would want to make a statement and promote awareness…


For someone who likes it cute, a balloon poodle…


and of course, a rose among thorns…